Live Q&A Webinar; 2 PM Eastern Time Tuesday Thursday

Software Webinar Covers:

  • Global Emailer (GE)
  • Webpage Submitter(WS)
  • Engine Extractor (EE)
  • YP (YP)
  • Engine Collector (EC)
  • Classifieds Collector (CC)
  • Realtor Contactor (RC)

Opt-In Emailing For as Low as $20 per Million Sent

Webinar will demonstrate how our industry acclaimed, user friendly software controls the sending of opt-in emails from the IP address and domain of an unlimited number of white-listed web hosting email servers for as low as $20 per million.

This unique "decentralized" email sending system provides the highest delivery rates and is scalable into the tens of millions per month without ever needing an IT person to manage an email server.

The Tuesday-Thursday 2 PM Eastern, 11 AM Pacific, Q&A webinar is an absolute must attend to learn about the lead industry.

Learn how unique software bypasses your ISP and controls the opt-in emailing from white listed USA based email servers